cover image for New Peskas paper out now in PLoS One

New Peskas paper out now in PLoS One

A new paper is now out in PLoS One which details the design and piloting of Peskas in East Timor. Read and download it at the journal’s website. Unreported doesn’t mean illegal. Global coverage of ocean issues typically links IUU with overfishing without emphasizing that much of this not necessarily Illegal, but may merely be Unreported. This is true for many small-scale fisheries worldwide as they are often remote and informal and tough to track....

 · 3 min · Alex Tilley

Peskas: scalable, resilient, secure

In Peskas we are moving from a monolith towards a domain-based data-architecture. We want to enable the sustainable growth of the platform. Peskas is a monitoring and analytics system for small-scale fisheries. Currently, Peskas is used in Timor-Leste, where it provides previously-invisible data and insights to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The downstream consequences are multiple: better reporting, better management, and better community empowerment. But the promise of Peskas goes beyond Timor-Leste....

 · 5 min · Fernando Cagua